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We’re not just a radio show anymore! Click the picture to watch the show.

Our mission is threefold: To make you more successful on the water and in the field, to ensure that our traditions of hunting and fishing continue and hopefully make you laugh along the way. Every day people threaten to end our way of life and we’re going to fight to make sure that doesn’t happen. We will continue to educate, inform and teach rights and wrongs in the outdoor world.

We have also worked tirelessly to bring you the best outdoor content in as many ways as possible so that you can watch or listen any way you like. From over-the-air broadcasts on 30 radio stations in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin and more to downloadable podcasts. From full-length video shows to short interview clips highlighting big moments on the show. We also have begun a series of vlogs from our travels around the world, exploring the various outdoor opportunities. From Youtube to Facebook, Rumble and Instagram, you can find us just about anywhere, keeping up the good fight in conservation and outdoor recreation rights, tips and stories. Thanks for your support.

2022: Sporting Journal Radio Team wins 14 awards at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Annual Conference.

Bret Amundson and Dan Amundson took home a collective 14 awards at the recent event that took place in Branson, Missouri.

2021: Sporting Journal Radio wins awards at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers:

Sporting Journal Radio started in 2012 and has grown to 30 stations across Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation is covered each week for each state. You can also get the show via your “podcasts” app. You’ll get notifications when a new show is available. Watch the show on YouTube here.  We’ve added two new podcasts to the family, the “Finding Fur and Feathers” hunting podcast and the “Finding Fins” fishing podcast.
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