Prairie Sportsman

Our latest season is nominated for 10 Upper Midwest Emmy awards, 9 segments along with host Bret Amundson being nominated in the Talent category. Watch the nominated segments here. 

Prairie Sportsman is an Upper Midwest Emmy-Winning outdoors show based in Granite Falls, Minnesota. Produced by Pioneer PBS, the show airs on PBS stations across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Wyoming.

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Season 13 Episodes

Season 12 Episodes

Season 11 Episodes

Season 10 Episodes

Featuring the 2019 Emmy-Winning “Solar Honey” segment:

Featuring Emmy-Nominated “Sled Dog Sisters” and “Soaring with Eagles” segments:

Featuring Emmy-Nominated “Twisted Sisters” segment:

Featuring Emmy-Nominated “Tune Camp” Segment:

Season 9 Episodes:

Season 8 Episodes: 

Episode 2: “Fowl in the Air, Fire on the Ground” Duck hunting and prescribed burns

Episode 3: “Girl with a Bow” We follow a woman who’s addicted to bowhunting

Episode 4: “For the Love of the Ringneck” We visit a farm that’s balancing production ag with pheasant habitat

Episode 5: “Youth Drawn to the Outdoors” Training for a grueling horse race and a clay target league

Episode 6: “Triumphs in Hunting and Habitat” Late season goose hunt with Cory Loeffler from DRC

Episode 7: “Plunging Through the Ice into Clear Water” Spearing pike on Lac qui Parle Lake

Episode 8: “Tatanka Trails” A tour of the Minnesota River Valley in scenic southwest Minnesota

Episode 9: “Pursuing a Deer and Cleaner Water” Chris Aasland chases a big buck over a number of years

Episode 10: “Shoot a Goose to Save a Goose” Snow goose hunting in the Spring

Episode 11: “Precious and Rare” A two-headed fawn is found in southeast Minnesota and preserved

Episode 12: “Fishing with a Fly” Bret learns to Fly Fish at Whitewater State Park

Episode 13: “Come Together” Live Town Hall Broadcast from the University of Morris

The popular Prairie Sportsman show which originally began airing in the 1990s is back. Pioneer is expanding and diversifying the show to reach a statewide audience. New episodes will include stories about kayaking, endurance riding and recreational trail sports, as well as hunting and fishing. Each segment will also feature environmental protections that are needed to sustain outdoor recreation. The new season begins January 28th with funding from Minnesota’s Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, Pioneer’s members and Corporate Sponsors. 


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