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Bret Amundson is a tv and radio host, waterfowl guide and freelance content creator based in western Minnesota.  Visit the BIO  page to learn more about Bret. Or click the links below to see samples of his work.

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TV: Bret has been nominated for an Upper Midwest Emmy Award in 2018 and 2019 for hosting the popular outdoor show Prairie Sportsman that airs on PBS in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin. Visit the website to watch episodes.


Radio: Bret is the host of Sporting Journal Radio, heard on 28 stations across the midwest, on demand here and by subscribing on the “podcasts” app on your iPhone.

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Waterfowl Guide: Bret guides for Mid Migration Outfitters in western Minnesota for ducks and geese in the fall and in Missouri and South Dakota in the spring for snow geese.



Videography and Photography: Bret spends as much time behind the camera as he does in front of it, creating high-quality content for tv, print, digital and social media.

Vbret in recording studiooice Overs: Bret has had a long career in the voice over and radio industry, working at radio stations in Minneapolis, Fargo and more. He’s also voiced tv shows, radio stations, audiobooks, video games, and more all over the world.

bret trevor 56lb lake trout tazin lake lodge

Bret and Trevor Montgomery with a 56-pound lake trout from Tazin Lake


Tazin Lake Lodge: Bret works with the high-end lodge in northwest Saskatchewan to create stunning visuals and compelling videos for their marketing campaigns, including the popular “Tazin TV“. He also gets to catch giant fish there! Check out the video below:


Here is the giant lake trout video!

Here is a video you’ve probably never seen before:

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Burping a lake trout!